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Four Firs - Woodpecker - 25th January 2015

There were some proper athletes at Four Firs Car Park as we circled up.  Fortunately, they weren't with the Hash.  There were a number of visitors, including Abzorba from Ashburton along with some family members, including someone from Shropshire with a small dog. 

University of Exeter - Groucho (and Twin Peaks) - 18th January 2015

We were first to arrive at the Hatherly Labs, and having had a few too many cocktails the night before, I had a craving for a bacon sandwich.  So we walked up to the Forum (or Wessex Crown Court, if you're watching Broadchurch) to get one from Costa.  The barista took a liking to Rocky and gave him a free marshmallow, but only if he smiled... she told him he must always smile at the girls! Not the biggest pack in recent weeks, and even one of the hares (Twin Peaks) didn't turn up (she has the flu - get well soon) but the quality was there.  Unbelievably, Woodpecker arrived on time, and we had two virgins from the University, Flic and Alistair.

The (Bl)Obelisk - Blobhoblin and Twin Peaks - 11th Jan 2015

Blobby must be a magnet for organised runs, as this time last year when he set a trail from Marsh Barton, the hash found itself running alongside the First Chance 10K and today we found ourselves crossing paths with the Mamhead Obelisk run.  “Runners coming through!” was the frequently heard call as we started the trail in the same direction as the front runners of the race.  Hopefully we didn’t get in their way too much and provided them with some encouragement as they reached the summit of their climb from Dawlish.  There were one or two familiar faces among the athletes, including Total Eclipse and 3D.  Fortunately, the trail took us away from their route for a while, but following plenty of faffing around we found ourselves parallel to the road again where we bumped into PP, FF and Captain Peacock who were spectating.

Exminster - Stix Family - 4th Jan 2015

The best hash of the year so far, laid by the Bollards, Speedy, Rock and me.  It was Hole-in-1's birthday too - she arrived a little late after her party the night before.  Starting from Deepway Green in Exminster, we headed out of the back of the park on to Days Pottles Lane.  The walkers meanwhile were led by Rocky on a short up Deepway Lane to the motorway bridge.  We looped around some pretty cottages before embarking on a very steep road/track to join the walkers.  A fish hook near the top didn't slow the front runners down much, partly because they didn't return all the way to the back hare (i.e. me!).  We crossed the bridge and headed up towards the transmitters, before a check, from which we headed right along a narrow footpath.  The rabbits had been busy eating our flours marks along here, so the trail wasn't found quickly.  Through some shiggy, and along a ridge high above the flood plain towards the sweetie stop.  Spocky decided to get some Grizzly training i