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Newton St Cyres - Groucho - 28th June 2015

A relatively short trail this morning, but not short on interesting conversation.  The trail started with a long/short split that was “not suitable for the smaller hashers”.  After jokes about Twin Peaks not being eligible, the longs headed down the road, turning left into a field of barley/wheat which was about waist high.

Picnic at Belstone - Belltoll - 21st June 2015

Today’s trail started in a valley, so no matter in which geographical direction we headed, we would surely be gaining in elevation, and after a cheeky long/short split, involving a complete loop for the longs, the main ascent started.  And it went on and on.

Exminster - Stix and family - 14th June 2015

Everyone was surprised by the appearance of the sun at 11 O’clock this morning and there was a mad rush to get the sun cream on before the start of the trail. The trail took in some new terrain around a recently opened park with a view stop at the top of the hill allowing the pack to get a never before seen perspective of Exminster.

The Star, Liverton - No Butt and Top Off - 7th June 2015

It made a pleasant change to head to the south of the area for today’s hash. It was a select pack of City of Exeter Hashers, with it being the Gispert Gallop weekend, augmented by Flasher, Grim and someone else with dogs. Not ordinary dogs, but dogs that knew commands for left and right and didn’t trip you up. It was reminiscent of huskies pulling sledges. This was considerable advantage to the remainder of the pack who managed to avoid the fish-hooks as the dogs were so keen that they enthusiastically dragged their owners around on leads. Holeinone also brought her puppy along, but he didn’t fall into the aforementioned category as he wasn’t even allowed to walk and was small enough to be eaten by the others so couldn’t be trusted on the ground. Spring Forward and Fall Back were noted as latecomers, having travelled to a nearby retirement home, instead of following signs to the pub.