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Danes Wood, Killerton - Sorepoint and Papeerwork - 19th July 2015

Something for everyone this week.  A pack of 30 arrived at the car park... unusually most were on time.  But there's always one, and this week it was Damp Patch who pitched up 15 minutes late.  We were warned of a "proper" long of some 1.5 miles, and the split was close to the beginning of the trail.  All the bad parents left their children with Groucho on the short, and it was nice to enjoy a run without them, for a bit, until we realised that there was no one to slow the pack down.

Four Firs - Woodpecker - 12 July 2015

I become very disorientated on Woodbury Common, so I'm probably not best placed to write the words.  The pack headed off through a gate and along some gravelly paths, before it became a bit muddy.  We crossed over the road, and then crossed back again a bit later.  There were a couple of long/short splits and a sweetie stop.  It was quite warm and raining at the same time which was a bit weird, but not unpleasant.

Stoke Woods - Groucho - 5th July 2015

A live trail was theme with Groucho and son doing the honours. Only three cars were in the car park as the hares set off on their ramble, but when the pack followed the number of cars had risen to twenty-three.