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Haldon Chalets - The D's - 27th December 2015

Over thirty hashers turned up - amazing since most people don't even know what day it is in this "inbetweeny" part of the  festive season.  It was damp and misty, but not cold.  Groucho had lost his voice over Xmas, so Spocky welcomed the pack, and introduced the visitors, including Uncle Fester, Well Read, Faceplant and Groucho's nephew.  It was good to see all the new haberdashery out on its virgin trail.  Although Strapo had lost an "r"!! Overall, it turned out to be a trail marked in fish-hooks, with plenty of opportunity for short cutting the loops from the walkers.  First up the trail took us to a layby, where super-enthusiastic 3D gave strict instructions, that when we returned, hash-horrors should only proceed with an adult.  Spocky had his camera so was taking videos around the trail, and often tried to claim that he was filming the rest of the pack when he was first to arrive at a fishhook.   Lots of forestry work had been recently undertaken as m

Xmas trail from Clyst St Mary - Spocky - 20th December 2015

Today's trail had been planned for weeks, Groucho was laying from the Red Lion in Broadclyst, and then we'd all pre ordered our Xmas lunches for afterwards, with the Annual Awards to follow.  We didn't bank on the new landlord of the Red Lion being so uncooperative and rude.  To cut a long story short, with just a few days to spare, Spocky rearranged the whole thing to take place from Clyst St Mary.

Annual Subs now due

Annual subs for 2016 are now due.  The cost is £20 for an individual, or £30 for a hash family.  Subs can be paid by cheque to "City of Exeter H3" or in cash to Spocky, or via Pay Pal or credit card. If you already have a Pay Pal account, you can send your subs (either £20 or £30) to  Make sure you select " I'm sending money to family or friends " otherwise you'll be charged a fee. To pay by credit or debit card, use the Pay Pal system below on this page .   This includes a Pay Pal fee of 20p + 3.4%

Important!! This week's Xmas hash

CHANGE OF VENUE AND ON DOWN!!!! Christmas Hash from Clyst St Mary village hall and on down and lunch at the Cat & Fiddle Inn EX5 1DP

Exhibition Road - Geronimo and Emerald - 13th December 2015

Emerald took control of the opening circle and we were off before 11:05.  Highly unusual, but Woodpecker was already there, so it was all right.  If there were any late comers, they never caught up with us.

Streatham Campus, University of Exeter - Bull Bait and family - 6th December 2015

Today's trail was a virgin lay from the Bull-Bait family - laid yesterday, but checked this morning.  In Groucho's absence, Spocky welcomed the pack and handed to the hares.   Then Tampa arrived - nearly 15 minutes late.  Having missed the chalk talk, we decided not to tell him about the dangers on trail that lay ahead!  The longs headed across the car park, and then Woodpecker arrived!  The long loop took us around the student accommodation before heading down to the duck ponds (without ducks) and up the valley to where there was a seemingly improptu game of Quidditch.  What a stupid sport we laughed, and then realised what we do every Sunday morning.  Up right to the back of campus, then another long-short, with the longs straying into the valley.  We skirted around the Sports Park before the Sweetie Stop at Holland Hall.  Shhh - don't wake up the students. The trail then continued down the hill, past Reed Hall, around the Washington Singer Building, behind the Old Libra