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Pynes Hill, Exeter - Blobby and Twin Peaks - 24th April 2016

Not only the trail, but also the words from Blobby this week! It was a select group of hashers who assembled at Pynes Hill. The weather was fine and the hares trainers were exceptionally  clean. In fact they thought the co-hare Twin Peaks were too clean they might be new. Blobby explained that there was no shiggy on this hash hence the clean trainers. We welcomed a virgin Hasher Eric. We set off as Fancy Liquor arrived, chucking Armless out of the car as she parked.

Kenton - Stix and Bollards - 17th April 2016

It was definitely a morning where you truly believe summer is not too far away!  A good sized pack turned out for the trail, hared by Bollards and me.  They arrived especially early, with Blobby, and even Fancy Liquor beating us to the car park, with Tampa not far behind (Woodpecker was almost late!).  And then, while the pack were preparing for the off, Rocky managed to fall bottom-end into the box of crisps, So apologies if you get a burst pack, or a pack of crumbs!  

Liverton - No Butt and Mouthful - 10th April 2016

This was a muddy hash, and attempts to avoid the shiggy soon proved futile.  The state of the hares' trainers at the start were a big clue to what was to come.  However the white stains down the front of Mouthful's trousers were obviously a secret to be kept between themselves.  It was a big pack too, although there were rumours that No Butt had been paying people to come!

Warren Car Park, Woodbury Common - Woodpecker - 3rd April 2016

If you look at the map of this weeks trail it looks a bit like a ghost - to me.  That's an aside. We all managed to make it to the Warren Car Park, despite reports of various "Road Closed" signs on route.  Some hashers were forced to take a diversion while others saw no signs and had an easy journey.