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Widecombe Way, Exeter - Hole-in-1 and Fallen Boobies - 27th November 2016

Words by Bollards... A small pack gathered outside Holeonone’s House, lured by the promise of sausages and tea/coffee (but only if you brought your own mug).  Although Holeinone had laid the trail, Fallen Boobies, who had recently celebrated his Birthday, was made to hare it as Holeinone was required to stay at home to cook the aforementioned sausages while everyone else was out on trail.  There were two newcomers, Fallen Boobies girlfriend and Holeinone’s friend, Pippa.

AGM minutes

Thanks to Bull Bait for these! AGM 27 November 2016 Present. Groucho, Bean Bag, Blobhoblin, Hole in one, Bluetoe, Woodpecker, Stix,  Bollards,  Childcatcher,  Bullbait, 3D

Danes Wood - Bull Bait and family - 20th November 2016

It wasn’t a great day for the Bitz’s.  Not only did they arrive late, but X-Bitz wanted to promote the Rowcroft Hospice Event (£10 per ticket, includes veg or meat chili and entertainment) and had forgotten to bring the leaflets with her and Spocky had forgotten his trainers.  Crocs just weren’t suitable for the terrain and he was forced to take a walk with the rest of his family instead of having a good training run – oops!  First fine of the day recorded in the Sherriff’s book.

Pinhoe Hoard, Exeter - Minxy - 13th November 2016

 The pack gathered in the pub car park with everyone being there rather early compared to general standards. Woodpecker arriving at 10.45 hrs (never been known before.) General chatter was the theme until Tampa called us to order and suggested that he knew of a place where we could listen to the silence. The location was his car. The pack respectfully observed 2 minutes silence . Then carrying on the military theme Twin Peaks fined all hashers not wearing a poppy.

Salcombe Hill, Sidmouth - Strapo and Swampy - 6th November 2016

The pack gathered in a busy car park at the top of Salcombe Hill, Sidmouth.  Several regular car park users appeared quite put out by our presence, judging by the looks we were given as they drove in and backed out again.   We stood shivering in the opening circle as the temperature had dropped into single figures for the first time in a long while.  A new family of hashers were welcomed, one member of which was seen to be stretching before the trail – very keen! The trail started off downhill before heading right into some woods.  Child Catcher and I found ourselves front running (highly unusual and probably never to be repeated), for a very short stretch, before being overtaken on an incline.  We reached a check, which those who had gone ahead seemed to have missed and there was much faffing around as a couple of hashers took the wrong (left) path, whilst others strained to hear nonexistent calling from the front runners.  Eventually, we decided that as the front runners hadn’t c