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City of Exeter H3 Awards List andXmas Photos

Hare of the Year Bollards and Stix Sheriff's Shield Bullbait and Childcatcher Bone of Contention Spocky Junior Hasher of the Year Splat Stingray Sheriff's Funniest Fine   Bollards and Stix The Groucho "It's Laid " Trophy Hole in 1 Henpecker Trophy Childcatcher Woodpecker Trophy  Bullbait

Xmas Hash - Clyst St Mary - Spocky - 18th December 2016

Spocky came out with a plethora of excuses as to why today's trail was too short/long/wet/dry/whatever.  He stood there with half a bag of flour in his hand, slightly hungover, with a pulled something-or-other and completely confused the pack with his lengthy rambling about it probably being 3 and on, but the grass was wet and Tampa could have helped but it was too late etc…..  Eventually the trail got underway and forty or so festively dressed hashers started their tour of the lanes and marshes of Clyst St Mary.

Frying Pans Car Park - Woodpecker and Howling Wilf - 11th December 2016

There was some confusion about exactly where Frying Pans Car Park was.  On route, we found ourselves behind Bull Bait and family, so we thought we were onto a good thing and followed them off the main road to Budleigh.  As we drove down the lane, Bull Bait slowed down as we approached a potential car park turning, but we knew it wasn’t there, and so started gesticulating to them that they needed to go up the hill.  Unfortunately, we then realised that our mannerisms were akin to a Nazi salute.  Eventually, we both managed to miss the actual turning to the car park and I was dispatched up the entrance to check that it was indeed where we should be.  Others obviously had trouble too, as Mad Max, Haggis and Dobby and Woody all admitted to going elsewhere.

Royal Oak, Exminster (Speedy's birthday) - Bollards and Stix - 4th December 2016

Speedy was very excited to have his Birthday on a hashing day, so there was no getting out of laying the trail.