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Stoke Woods - Bully Bait - 26th May 2019

Words by Rocky this week. We thought we saw a sun shining but it was only Wide Receiver's new summer trim, as the sun shone on it, we were all blinded. We started today with Bullbait joking that he had got lost on his own trail - it was laid by just himself so we could see why. Bullbait also said the trail was laid on the right, two and on, and was seven on a fishhook. At the circle, Spocky made a big announcement, that the Autumn Gathering registration was now open - at the same place and at the same price as last year. But not the same weekend! We started by running down a long steep path so obviously we had to go back up it where we neared our first long short split. The longs had to go up and the shorts went straight across the path, as we were on our way down on the other side we came across a steep downwards path where we would re join the shorts. When you got to the end of it there was a bee’s nest and you had two options to go over or around it the longs went around it

Clyst St Mary - Tampa - 19th May 2019

Words by Wide So it begins as most hashes do, from a car park however, we didn’t get away until 1110. Bluto was even later as he went to Stoke Woods, nice one for making the effort to get to the right place in the end though. So after stories of traction engines passing the start and Boots in Puss tell us about the hash from his in a few weeks, we were off. The shorts straight down through the village and the longs across the main road, over the foot bridge and then through the village. Damp patch and Imelda flew off as we got to the old causeway over the Clyst river but soon looked baffled as to the direction as there was a craftily places back check. Birthday boy and hare, Tampa lily, was shouting at me from a distance but as I myself am getting older failed to hear his cries. It was a jump over the walls and into the fields. X-Bitz, Itsy Bitz and Son of a Bitz scrambles over to find steps on the other side to make it easier. I jumped over all of them. Through the field and out t

Kingsteington - Wide Receiver - 12th May 2019

Words by Rocky again this week: This week’s hash was laid by Wide Receiver. A lovely day in Kingsteignton made a good hash. First, there was a new person: Wide's next door neighbour. Wood pecker turned up late as we were just about start the starting the circle. As we were circling, we heard the familiar noise of the revving from his BMW. As this was a long runners trail there were quite a few fishhooks. We came to one and it was 4. 4 people went back, people were relieved as the hare was all the way back. A few moments later there was another this time was 3. 3 people went back but when you did go back it felt like you went back a mile. Wide Receiver was only just entering the path people had been on for ten minutes. When we came to the sweet stop there was a big entrance to the river Teign. Wide was taunting the group by going for a swim as if we were going to go that way. To everyone's disappointment we weren’t going to go that way. We went around to a bridge to cross in

Upton Pyne Village Hall - Twin Peaks - 5 May 2019

Words by Rocky this week: The weather was nice; perfect running conditions. Spocky turned up through the wrong entrance to the car park and, in addition to that, started doing donuts in his car. There were new Hashers: Earl grey; who started hashing in China and his partner who is yet to be named.  Twin peaks wanted 10 back on a fishhook and that was quite a lot considering there were only 12 runners on the longs. Not far from the start,  we came to a field of long grass where there was along short split. The longs went through a small tyre track. I thought I was going to fall in there and disappear. Further down the track we came to a ha-ha which was not funny. No-one seemed to want to go back as it was a long way so they took a short cut and went round a corner to meet the short. Moments later we came to a herd of cows which were mooing loudly. Speedy said ‘Hello girls’ and Stix and I made some cow puns. Just before the sweet stop we came across a sandy hill. E