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Bradninch - Bull Bait and Child Catcher - 9th December 2018

First trail of the new regime... with Spocky and Bollards taking on the reins as GMs. Shame Bollards had already done the opening circle before Spocky had arrived!  Good to see Menage back at City of Exeter H3 too.

It was a hash from the new home of Bullbait, Child Catcher, Stingray and Splat in Bradninch - with a swimming pool in he garden - or so Son-of-a-Bitz thought - and he threatened to dive in.  The hares told us that there was going to be 12 'Xmas-themed' fishooks to 'enjoy'.  Tampa had arrived early and had a clipboard (collecting names for the Xmas meal next week), but Woodpecker did not break his tradition, and arrived late while also waking up the neighbours by revving loudly as he reversed!

Stingray, full of confidence, but not knowing where the trail went, sped off along Hele Road, but was called back by his mum as we headed across Charwell Meadow and the wetlands, then across to the west side of the town.  The photo of the view below was taken from Back …

Tight is looking for Hares for January

I am the new Hare Raiser for City of Exeter, so I am looking for hares for January. 

Sunday 6th January Sunday 13th January Sunday 20th January And Sunday 27th January
If you have other dates later in the year you want to lay for, them let me know and I can reserve them. 
Please email me or text 07808 738898 Many Thanks Tight 👄

Autumn Gathering 2019!

HHHI ALL The date for next year's Autumn Gathering will be the Last weekend in October (25th-27th). The weekend of the 18th is already booked! 
Onon Spockster 
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AGPU at the Riding Stables near Buldleigh Salterton - Spocky - 2nd December 2018

Spocky arrived back at the car park at the riding stables looking a little flustered, and pronounced that he wouldn't try to be so clever laying the trail again.  It was going to be a one-and-on trail, without any fish-hooks, because he forgot!

The trail started off going immediately across the road, with the front runners finding the end of the long - which was a loop - before being called back by the hare.  Straight down through the woods, and then that long short-split which sent them back to the start.  The rest of the trail was pretty much a straight walk to the reservoir for the walkers, and a huge number of loops for the rest of us.  When we got to the sweeties stop, Spocky announced that is was 10:50 by the time he'd laid up to this point.

The trail for the longs and shorts soon split after the regroup, with the trail taking in some streams to cross and some serious undergrowth.

Back at the car park, there were fines by Happy Snapper for arriving late, as well as for O…

Rope swing from last week

A bit late - but here's a video from Hole-in-1 of the rope swing on the trail from Ellerhayes.

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