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Danes Wood - Child Catcher and Twin Peaks - 31 March 2019

Words by Speedy (and corrected by Stix)
Of course it was Mother’s Day!  But also Splat's birthdayGood to see Swinger back, and also HT2 and Endo, plus friend (sorry can't remember his hash name)Lots of fields, and a bit of shiggy A long wait at the first regroup, where we decorated our shoes with sawdust and flour and flowers to make Splat's birthday cakeWe ran past a farm holding its Lambing Sunday event. Lots of families there.  According to Stix when sheep conceive, they give birth 15 minutes laterSpeedy boring everyone about his flat earth theories (again)Son Of The Bits sprinted to the sweetie stop, after getting a free ride from Child catcherWhen we set off on a long, Howling Wilf at the top of the hill said to Child Catcher “I can see 2 peaks with a hole in the middle” (This will probably win him stupidest quote of the year award): there is an implied meaning behind this quote!Stix said that your number of nipples is equal to your number of testicles, this is true in…

Crediton - Woody - 24 March 2019

It was a lovely sunny spring-like day. We decided to take the scenic back roads from the 'Ninch' to Crediton a lovely rural route: 'Ooh is that cow's head stuck?' comment of the trip. 
We set off on a loop initially past the rugby pitches, through Shobrooke Park then out past many fields of oil seed rape . We saw some normal ramblers who looked as unclear as to where to go as we did and Bull bait played on a rope swing when he wasn't going the wrong way at practically every check. A really enjoyable trail, thanks Woody for' laying a lovely long one'. Twin Peaks kept her bum dry this week and Benji the dog has made a lot of progress, but demonstrated he's not quite ready to be let off the lead. It was good to see Puss and Boots and babes and fines should have gone to whoever left Tampa to 'look after' the sweets for the walkers... 
We forgot to do a hash flash but this is the 6.5 miles done by the longs. Next week's trail is Splat's Birt…

Haldon Hill - Wide Receiver - 17th March 2019

Some thoughts from Speedy, and some photos below An unsettled morning, mostly sunny, with snow as we all arrived.Woodpecker was lateSpocky had to save Twin Peaks from getting wet, after she fell into his gorge. She quite enjoyed getting "saved" (photo below)Rocky mislead everyoneRocky fell overWe ate some American sweetsTampa did a fish hookWe saw some frog spawnSpocky, Speed and Stix jumped into a big puddle as the hash flash was being taken, soaking Total Eclipse, Howlin' Wilf and Rocky. Mad Max also got an earful of mud (see photo below)Then Bullbait soaked Childcatcher (brave man!)Stix brought in some of his special love drink, which everyone enjoyedNot as good as our hash  Next week we're at Lords Meadow Leisure Centre, Crediton (map) for a trail laid by Woody and Don't Panic!

University of Exeter - Stix, Bollards, Speedy and Rocky - 3rd March 2019

This week we hashed from outside of the Hatherly Laboratory - parking off the road to save paying!
A very rainy cold morningBollards had an arrow up her leggingsAll the marks were washed away by the rainWe admired the statue of Floella Spocky was lateWoodpecker wasn’t lateMad Max's dog is now understanding human lifeBullbait kept saying that he hadn’t seen this part of Exeter before, although he had been living here for 12 years.We ignore the footpath closed signs, and there was a bit of a squeeze getting out the other end.Speedy mislead the shortsWoof Woof went down a path saying that “that's a dead end,” so she decided to go in that direction anywayLots of slippery bits, Stingray told everyone to be careful then fell over himselfStix brought some home-made tepache to enjoy after the trail - and people actually liked it!  (recipe here: should win trail of the monthFebru…