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26th October - Fruity Bitz - East Budleigh

It was another great turnout , for Fruitys' birthday hash, with over 20 hashers meeting on a soggy Sunday. We set off and quickly split up on a long/short split, which Tuned In didn't realise and accidentally did the long, it must be the blonde hair! We weren't too successful in our checking out and spent ages at the next check trying to find our way! After running for about 20 minutes, we met back up with the shorts, hoping for the sweetie stop, unfortunately not though. From there we set off through the farm and traipsed through a lot of poo! It was there we came face to face with the culprit, a slightly bemused cow! She was so scared of us, she did a big poo right there in front of us! With a little push from Tuned In and some herding by Fruity, she went back through the gate into her field. On On up a big hill to another regroup in a very scenic spot, hoping for the sweetie stop again...still no! On through a part of what turned out to be Woodbury Common, that I'm

19th October - Cathusalem + Iron Lady - Stoneleigh Holiday Park

It was a chilly day as the hashers arrived in dribs and drabs at Stoneleigh. It did appear though that everyone arrived almost on time despite some confusion over the late change of venue! There were well over 20 hashers gathered for the hash circle where we spent 10 minutes receiving all hash instructions! Were we ever going to leave the car park some wondered?! Finally we were called On On and set off into the wind, round in a big circle and then onto a hash halt outside Cathusalems' abode where there were all manner of refreshments laid out, whisky, southern comfort, port, red wine, what a treat, thankyou Cathusalem! The hash then set off again, through the donkey sanctuary and onto open fields. Poor little Itsy Bitz was suffering with a cold and this wind wasn't helping so X Bitz and Fruity Bitz had to turn back at this point. After a couple of checks we found ourselves running out towards the cliff edge, luckily spotting the hash halt just before the edge! We had a regrou

Sunday 2nd November Hash

The joint hash with Bridgwater H3 on Sunday 2 nd November will be at Trenchford Reservoir CP, north west of Bovey Tracy, off A382 at Bovey. The OD will be at the pub in Lustleigh. Sorepoint hopes to see us all there! (GR 803825)



Autumn Gathering - October 10th-12th

We all arrived at Pixies Holt in the glorious sunshine, found our rooms and generally settled in. Most importantly we thought we'd get the beer barrel set up asap, due the large number of drunkards among us! This was more of a challenge than anyone thought it might be due to Mudflaps lack of knowledge on beer barrels! In his infinite wisdom he had hammered the cork into the barrel so hard, 4 men we taking on the task of removing it. Apparently he even gave it an extra bash with the mallet, as 'one for luck'!! With the ever increasing threat of a tsunami of Otter Bright cascading across the floor, calls were made for a corkscrew which finally resulted in success. A huge sigh of relief all round. After receiving instructions from Groucho we got ourselves prepared for the hash ahead. We set off straight over the bridge and straight into our first lot of shiggy. After much bemused milling around in the field, the on on was called downhill and over the bridge. Off next to the r

5th October - Tail Lamp + Groucho - Rewe Village CP

This mornings hash got off to a interesting start with Tail Lamp instructing the arriving hashers of a change of venue! The large sign that said private car park had gone unnoticed and due to the church having the harvest festival, we were unable to park there. So off we drove to a very picturesque layby where we began. While waiting for everyone to arrive we got an incredibly dirty look from some woman as we were clearly parked where she parks to walk her dog every Sunday! We had two visitors, Bell Toll of Isca and Ron who is from the Netherlands. There were 17 of us in total including Jazmine, Twin Peaks grandaughter who assured us 'Holly is the loud one'! We made our way up the road eventually passing the original start point finally onto a lovely muddy field. Spotting the large herd of cows on the opposite side of the field, we were hoping this wasn't the field of bullocks that had caused the hares to have to rearrange a lot of the route. Unfortunately this meant quite