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29th March - Mincinglake Park - Geronomo + Emerald

A last minute flurry of hashers arrived resulting in a respectable 22 hashers despite a number of regulars missing. There were a number of new faces and some "irregulars". Unfortunately most of the regulars were still there too! Emerald admitted to a bit of Roger-ing in the woods which may explain a lack of flour for the first stage of the hash. Marshal Farts only managed the first bend before taking a seat-stop on the bench in the sunshine. Of course for this misdemeanour he was fined. Emerald was heard to say it would be more successful to lay the hash in dog poo as there was an abundance of it but we soon caught up with the flour trail. It was on on up over the 1st of many hills and many fish-hooks and on to the first long short split. The sun was shining as the hashers spread themselves over the fields and to another long short split over Drakes Meadow. Twin Peaks called an impromptu hash halt as she sat to take in the view. Tuned-In decided it was time for a hash photo

22nd March - Bullers Hill CP - Groucho

It was a lovely sunny day and on Mothering Sunday our hare Groucho had promised the 'mother' of all hashes! Well it certainly started in true Groucho style.....we all parked in two different car parks......then we started and it was ON ON to the first long - short split.....where the short was longer than the long!! We then crossed the road and on to check. A distinct lack of flour was then observed and we had to rely on the hare to point the hashers in the right direction. Spocky Bitz was in flight and leading the hash into the woods and as we started to spread out the familiar call of the Woodpecker was heard bringing up the rear (a welcome return Mr Woodpecker!!). A few checks later and the hash was lost in the woods once more......but with a bit of help from the Hare the trail was picked up once more and it was ON ON to the swampy bogs (or the deep rain-forest as X-Bitz called it). Normal hashing service was now resumed as clean trainers became a thing of the past! A steep


Don't forget the 10th May is City of Exeter H3 400th run. There will be a bbq on The Maer in Exmouth, BYO beer and food. The trail is being laid by Spocky Bitz from The Maer CP, Exmouth at 11am.

15th March - Four Firs CP - Chesty + Stat Nav

A beautiful spring morning greeted the hashers today. The sun was shining, the hares were back and we even had visitors, Tom and Suzanne. Chesty gave us the low down on what to expect, 3 and on, laid in flour, on the right, except if its on the left piped Stat Nav! Chesty also told us there were road crossings and there was also a trail being followed by horses, this was marked by pink ribbons and we'd hear them.......what, the ribbons?? Our sheriff informed us that today fines would be 50p each donated to Comic Relief with Spocky adding that hash cash would match the amount raised, rather generous we all thought, until he pointed out that it was our money anyway....oh yeah!! Stat Nav added that there would be fish hooks on the run which were for 3 people if no number was specified, the sheriff querying if the number said 3 did that mean 6? This was getting far too confusing, best we set off. On to check we went and duly spent the next 5 minutes looking a bit lost. Eventually Grou

8th March - Warren CP - Tampa

Twenty-nine hashers were on parade this morning to greet our hare, Tampa plus Ben the Dog. However one hasher was noticable for his being on parade I refer of course to Radiohead who graced us, the assembled hashers, with his first appearance of the year. In reality he shouldn't have been here but on the Grizzly. He informed us the he was a little under the weather or was it whether I do the Grizzly or not? Several hashers suggested he might need to go to the chemist, to which the under the weather/whether Radiohead did not respond. The hare, Tampa greeted us in the usual way then informed everyone of a world surplus of flour by announcing that the trail was three and on to the sweetie stop and then four and on, Spocky take note! After murmurs from the gathered throng we set off at blistering pace for about five minutes then came a check and for some strange reason I thought we were entering a picket line, few hashers were active or did they all go to the same booze up last night

1st March - Mamhead CP, Haldon - Groucho

A fine spring morning up on Haldon Hill where the hashers all gathered, not so many this week, only about 17, I think word had got out about what a shambles the hash would start off as. Off to a great start the hare told us which way to go, only for us to come across a back check straight away. He then had to guide us in the right direction again which led us straight back through the car park. Tut tut Groucho, did you not realise the fine for leading the hash within view of the car park is to buy a crate of beer??? On On we went, past the car park only to get ourselves all confused again at the next check, Hyde was in the distance but with no calling, Spocky and Chad had disappeared into the undergrowth (make of that what you will????) with the hare stood at the check. The hare suddenly decides to shout 'on back Chad' unfortunately he was actually shouting to Stat Nav. Chad appears from the undergrowth only for us to tell him Groucho wasn't actually shouting to him......c