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23rd August - Bullers Hill - Twice Daily, Pebbledash + Runs Again

Haldon hill was the venue today, in an area used not only by hashers, but also walkers, cyclists, rip sliders and segways ????. Parking meters here today caused lots of searching in pockets, and money laundering looking for small change. However one lucky hasher was standing around looking for change for so long, she was given a free ticket by a passerby, you can take the girl out of Liverpool but .............. Groucho arrived looking like he had slept in his T-shirt for a week !!! Whip round next week to get the poor sod an iron ! We circled up ... then Tampa arrived on time ... ie late ! and then even later Spockybitz. Then the unusual occurance of the circle being broken by 2 men on segways, setting up a tent, go figure !!! Today was a virgin hare trail layed by Twice daily, Pebbledash and Runs Again, unfortunately they ended up laying it 3 times !! due to rain and queerie sabotage !!! they must have been knackered !!!! We were given details of possibly a couple of new signs on th

Autumn Gathering info.........

Things to Bring 1.Money and energy (small change would be good) 2.Own sleeping bags/bedding plus pillow 3.Towel etc 4.Wet weather gear just in case 5.Sunday dinner monies at the pub (Bridge Inn Dulverton) cost of main course from restricted menu £7.00 per head. Any surplus funds, if any, may be used to further reduce cost of meal for those who attended weekend. 6.Car sharing would be good as it will reduce the amount of CO2 and help with any parking issues. 7.If you have swine flu please stay away. Suggest you trot off to see the doctor or your nearest vet. 8.Bring a torch for night hash. BELOW IS A ROUGH GUIDE OF EVENTS ETC FRIDAY 9 OCTOBER 19.00 hrs approx: Evening hash from Northcombe Farm. Hare Groucho The hash will be followed by a three course meal with liquid to wash down said meal, at about 20.30 hrs. (Take a shower when you can remembering there are only 4 showers altogether). Sharing is recommended!!!! - ED Entertainment to follow until the last man or woman finally put

Celebrity Spotting !!!

Do you think he now knows the secret to the perfect yorkshire pudding now??????????

16th August - Joneys Cross - Tampa

Another sunny Sunday was in store for us at Joneys Cross the way- who was Joney? and why was she cross? ........ answers on a postcard please! There was quite a crowd gathered for circle up ...... however NO Groucho ???? no ransom note was forthcoming so it was decided it would be safe to carry on. Stat Nav was also missing, as was the pink handbag, rumour had it they were together on a hen (ooops sorry stag) weekend in Birmingham, but we were given no hard evidence, just an oral excuse from his partner Chesty. However by way of replacement the aforementioned Chesty brought along 3 virgins, 2 medium sized and 1 small one, belonging to a friend who obviously fancied a quiet Sunday morning. Welcome backs went to Whiplash who has had a 3 month .... yes 3 MONTH hash break due to house moving ...... where did she move to Australia !!!!!! and a welcome back was given to Wellington, no reason given for his absence although Tuned In did muse about sunday school ???? The return of th

9th August - Pine Ridge CP - Spocky Bitz

What a hare that Spockybitz is, not only does he lay an excellent trail, except for the bad bits, but he also trawls in 27 fellow hashers. Does he have a fan base? (No, just luck - ED) It was nice to see Mr Woodpecker, late as usual of course, no change there then, a guest appearance from Radiohead and also so many junior hashers, indeed a very good turn out. Whilst in the circle prior to setting off, Groucho announced that he had lost his inhaler which had been in his hand one minute earlier. Whilst the pack looked for it, he found it in the boot of his car, he was of course fined. Fitfteen minutes into the run, a new hasher made a fatal error by informing a few hashers that he had not seen a blob yet, he was fined for not being focused on the hash. We plodded on running in a lovely shady environment, thus Spocky had a happy pack of hashers, not exposed to that rare event, hot August Sunshine, in fact we were kept in the dark most of the time. We had several uneventful long short spl

Hash Weekend Fancy Dress Info

On the hash weekend the Saturday afternoon hash will have a fancy dress theme. As we are at Dulverton, home of hunting, it was suggested the theme be 'Hunters and The Hunted'. You may interpret this however you wish. Fancy dress is not compulsory however, do you reeeeaaaallly want to be the boring bastard that couldn't be bothered???? Therefore, it is encouraged!!

2nd August - Peak Hill CP - Groucho

Well the rain held off and about 15 hashers turned up at Peak Hill CP. Groucho and Twin Peaks arrived back at the car park after laying the hash with very muddy shoes! A sign of things to come??? Then Twin Peaks announced she had to leave as she was off out for lunch...very nice too. Chesty joined the hash circle with 'normal' shoes on blaming Stat Nav for forgetting her trainers, well she had told him to put them in the car, what more instruction was required??? Luckily (for Stat Nav), Bush Baby had a (very clean) pair of walking trainers in her car that Chesty borrowed. We circled up to receive our hash instructions to be informed by Groucho that there were ginger nut biscuits, chocolate raisins AND liquorice allsorts at the sweetie stop this morning, needless to say that over excited us all. We were told it was in flour, on the right but when questioned 'was it 3 and on' our hare looked to Spocky for guidance???? Was there a 3rd hare we hadn't known about?? On O