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Sunday 26th February 2012 Hash Aylesbeare Inn

Note this weeks hash will start from the pub and not the village hall a very good choice i think.The pub is an excellent example of a traditional village pub and it is hoped some hashers may pop in for refreshment after the trail.The map of where to go can be found by clicking the link below

12th February Bridge Farm Stoke Cannon-Groucho

Groucho must be lacking confidence.   We turned up at the venue and it looked like there weren’t too many hashers there.   However, Groucho said he thought there would have been even less so there may not be enough sweeties to go round (there were).   Poor Groucho was having a bad day but it gets worse.   However, he was ably assisted by um um was it Blob or Taillamp – note to self – do the blog same day. Anyway, onon to the trail.   But wait, Groucho is explaining – “There’s a check just there look, but ignore that one.   Onon up there look, there’s another check, you can ignore that one too, just turn right” (Groucho indicates by pointing to the left).   Ok, so it looks like we are on our own then. Onon to very icy puddles broken open by the dogs and then a check that took some time to sort, with hashers in every direction across fields.   Eventually, a distant shout of ‘onon’ could be heard from FF. This was very much the theme, with checks and even fishhooks in the middle of larg

Sunday 5th February - Four Firs, Woodbury Common - Tampa

Our gallant hare in the shape of Tampa took a fair maiden to help him lay, to lay the trail I should correctly say. Rumour has it he gave this maid lots of tips plus of course a few dirty tricks. She in turn was very impressed so I've been told by the wonderful trail that began to unfold. This maid was given all the signs by her tutor signs on the trail that is, long/short splits threw her a bit But Tampa our hare made every thing fit. F it into place these the blobs of flour did do even though our maiden didn't always have a clue. The route over which this maiden did go was tiring she did say I seem to have been on Woodbury most of the day. With cunning plans Tampa did reveal, reveal that a successful hash its more of a sprint, or was it a dash. Well done to tutor Tampa, standing tall, whilst our fair maiden Freeze-Frame survived to tell us all. A poem cobbled together by What the Dickens Productions WELL DONE BOTH HARES

Directions to this weekends hash - 12th February at Bridge Farm

A big well done to Spocky and Radiohead

Spocky took part in The Four Trigs on Sunday 5th February and completed the 17 mile cross country route in 3hrs 17mins, also a PB for him, well done. On Saturday 4th February, Radiohead took part in the Moonlight Challenge (yes, at night....wierdo!) which was 32.75 miles on various terrain which he completed in 5hrs 7mins and came in 2nd place! Well done.

Sunday 29th January 2012 - Harcombe CP off Haldon Hill - Woodpecker

It was one of those horrid mornings when all looked so grey; so cold; so uninviting to leave the warm sanctum of home, specifically bed, to go hashing. However, the warming thought of Woodpecker’s first trail of 2012, and that he was our newly awarded Hare of the Year 2011 would make the effort all so worthwhile. That’s what PP said anyway. I was still asleep! First thoughts were correct though as it was so grey; so cold and so uninviting. The biting wind and chill up on Haldon Hill were extremely evident on leaving the car. 20 or so hardened Hashers of the ‘Woodpecker Appreciation Society’ braved the elements. Tampa, Brains and Coffin arrived late, which led to a family domestic later on as to whose fault it was when as acting Sheriff I issued fines their way.   There was a fascinating discussion between Freeze Frame’s and Julian’s son Henry and Spocky all about cars; ‘CARS’ the movie. The fact Spocky knew as much about the movie as young Henry was rather worrying, yet also unsurp

Sunday 5th Feb 2012 hash directions and other matters

The directions for Sundays 5th Feb hash are Good luck to all those doing the Four Trigs on Sunday,a self navigated race around Trig points around the Sid Valley involving 16.2miles of running/walking and 2999 ft of ascent also anybody running the Fulfords 5 in Exmouth and finally Radiohead who is doing the moonlight challenge in Kent.

Sunday 22nd January 2012 Castle Car Park Woodbury Common -Spocky Bitz

I don't understand it, more hares are arriving earlier to lay their hashes.Spockybitz was out in the environs by 08.00 hrs, what does it all mean ? He appeared in the car park with only minutes to spare and covered in sweat, claiming he had just done seven miles, that old chestnut ! No pity was shown from the rather large pack, some 45+ at a guess. Our hare then explained that he had laid both a hashers and a walkers trail, what a considerate hare he is (or trying to regain his hare of the year title i think) Anyway we were sent on a merry way dodging through/between trees for the first ten minutes, best described as a general meander, then we climbed on and around the moat area of the castle remains before reaching open land. Before us lay what can best be described as bog, good honest bog the sort that is sure to leave you with very wet feet, need I say any more. This natural environment certainly spead out the pack some doing better, much better than others. As luck would have i