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Exton - Woodpecker's 80th birthday - 29th June 2014

Plenty of instructions were issued by Woodpecker during the chalk talk at the beginning of the trail:  "Be careful if you are crossing a main road or a railway line", "if you are in a field of crops, please stay between the rows", "if you enter a field with cattle, make sure the gate is shut", "follow the front runners" and "it would take a genius to find mud in this weather, but there is a hosepipe afterwards if you need it". On we went down a track and over the railway line; re-crossing the railway line a short time later.  The front runners lead the pack around the edge of a field, and the rest of the pack short cut across, just as instructed.  Following a regroup, we crossed the main road and headed into a field of sweetcorn, eventually emerging onto a lane which turned into an extremely slippery, muddy footpath.  Several hashers came a cropper, and those that didn't were coated in mud from the knees downwards. We had a s

Brampford Speke - Groucho and Beanbag - 22nd June 2014

Cor, what a scorcher.  A good size pack of about 30 turned up outside the primary school for our second Sunday lunch trail of the year. The hares had laid the trail in "bitz" (insert your own Spocky joke) so we just hoped that they would all join up. There wasn't much enthusiasm to run at the start, or in fact at any point on the trail... It was just too hot. As we left the start, a few were remembering the rainy cold days earlier in the year where we didn't want to get out of the cars. As we left the village along the footpath, the cool shade of the leafy track was fantastic. But there lots of flies... Time to keep your mouth shut! Lots of fish hooks too, and we were soon back at the school before looping out of the village again down towards the river and the sweetie stop.  A good selection of sweets "on the beach" by the river, with the option of getting a foot and leg pedicure by the huge number of little fish in the river. Hole-in-one seemed to be m

Little Haldon, near Teignmouth - The D family - 15th June 2014

A warm morning for a lovely hash in the woods, laid by the D-family.  Lots of faces that we hadn't see for a while, such as Mouldy Dick and Wick Dipper, No 2 and Larks Vomit.  Plus hash virgins Debbie, Kevin, ... can't remember the other names.  After the on time arrival of Woodpecker (who had to reverse back along the main road because he missed the turning), we had the chalk talk (where Spocky's op on his gentleman's furniture was discussed) and off we set - nearly on time.  As a result, we missed Coffin (who had been at church hearing her banns being read), and our set of has virgins. The trail was an excellent lay of quickly marked checks and lots of fish-hooks.  The pack kept together well as we looped around, up and down, through woods, in what was probably virgin ground for City of Exeter.  Back in almost exactly an hour, after enjoying a superb selection of sweets at the sweetie stop.  Lots of fines this week too, including the "The Old Hag", renamed

The Obelisk, Mamhead - Imelda and Coffin - 8th June 2014

A 28-strong pack turned up at Mamhead for Imelda's second lay in three weeks- with Coffin as her co-hare.  Despite it raining in Exeter, it was sunny when we arrived - and stayed sunny for the duration.  We welcomed back Strongbow to his first hash for a few years, and hash-virgin "Alice" was greeted by Tampa by embarrasing her in the chalk-talk. It was a varied trail - some good runs on tracks, some shiggy, and a few steep banks to conquer.  We headed up to the Obelisk itself (photo below), where Woodpecker pointed out his house, and the venue in 3 weeks time, after which the trail headed towards the Mamhead road, then looping back towards home.  There was some dubious marking (a fish hook, followed by a cross a few feet later?!?!), but generally very well laid.  A long for the runners added an extra 1/2 mile before the sweetie stop.  Just before which Molly decided to bathe in some mud, and ended up looking like a vice-versa sweet, brown on one side, cream on the other

Ellerhayes Bridge - Sore Point and Paperwork - 1st June

Virgin "Steve" joined us this week.  He knew nothing about what was about to happen, but seemed confident that he would be ok because he does "a lot of kayaking"!!  It was also good to see Tail Lamp, Ullage, Belltoll and Woof Woof after a few weeks'/months' absence.  Hole-in-One suprised us all, having gone grey since we last saw her!  We were warned that there were sheep and cows on the trail (although that got some members of the pack quite excited...), and lots of "normal people".  We set off around 11.10, but not so late that we missed the Tampa-clan arriving. The hash started with a confusing trail, lots of places to check, slow progress, and hashers missing the trail.  Tampa was calling on bird poo!  Little Runner Bean led the pack around a difficult loop up (and down) a bank, and the pack kept together well throughout.  The sweetie stop (photo below) was right in front of Killerton House, much to the amusement of the "normal people&quo