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Newton Poppleford - Strapo and Swampy - 28th February 2016

It was a little chilly as we circled up in the car park near the play park at Newton Poppleford. It was good to see the D’s again. The Sherriff was rubbing her hands in glee with the prospect of all the fines for nerd naming. Mouthful and No-butt also made a welcome return.

Topsham - Hole-in-1 and BlueToe - 21st February 2016

Unusually, Woodpecker was in the car park before we arrived; and we were early.  It must have been because he had come on his bike (obviously to save money on the car parking charges) and perhaps, sometimes, his car makes him late.  Tampa also arrived before 11 and the circle formed up, rather casually, on time.  Groucho took charge and introduced several newcomers, including Simon with his lovely new shoes, who had only hashed once before with the A to B hash in the pouring rain, covering 13 miles.  Fortunately, neither the distance nor the weather would be a problem today.

Ashclyst Forest - Sorepoint and Paperwork - 14th Feb 2016

Our annual joint trail with Taunton H3 - as always at a very muddy Ashclyst Forest.  Great to see a pack of 40+.  In years gone by, CoE H3 have been a little unrepresented, but the pack was pretty equally split this time.

Stoke Woods -Groucho - 7th February 2016

A small but elite group of athletes gathered at Stoke woods on a much drier day then the previous. Groucho had planned to go out yesterday to lay the trail between the rugby matches but was slightly put off due to the weather,so was up and out early this morning.