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Sport Relief Raffle 2016

Thanks to all those has who entered the Sport Relief Raffle, a grand total of £29.00 was raised and the two prizes, both Sport Relief T Shirts, were won by Woody and Coatcheck respectively' Thanks Groucho

Hole-in-1's house, Mincinglake - Hole-in-1 - 27th March 2016

Our Easter Egg trail started with most of us trying to decide whether we take macs on the trail or not.  There had been a torrential hail storm earlier that morning (while Hole-in-1 was laying) and the sky looked like to hadn't done with us yet.  But we did survive without getting wet.  

Budleigh Salterton Riding Stables - Spockybitz - 20th March 2016

Most of the Met Office seemed to have turned up to this week's trail.  There was Insatiable, Irresistible, A la Ronde, Damp Patch, Bill Bait, Minxyand probably more.  Speaking of the weather, it was pretty overcast and cold - quite a difference from last week.  And the Grizzly runners were back too: Spocky and No Butt.  And with a turnout of 30+, it was a bit of a squash getting into the car park - and the horses didn't help!  Our hare told us it was 3-and-on... up to the regroup, when he realised he was out of time, and then it was 1-and-on.... I think we've heard that from him before! It wasn't the fastest start of the year - surprising as all seemed to be keen to get warm.  The longs had a loop around the woods before getting up on the Common.  It was one of those long loops that Spocky is famous for... you know its a loop before you begin it, heading back in opposite direction to the shorts, bound to get you back onto the path you just left 5 minutes before.  As th

Exminster - Bollards and Stix - 13th March 2016

Grizzly week - and our third lay on Grizzy day in 4 years!  And possibly the biggest turnout - 17 of us all told.  Bollards had planned the route and, given that we were expecting only a handful, we didn't do anything special.  But the sun was shining for us, and probably making it too hot for the Grizzlers.  We held a moment's silence for them at the beginning, and it really was only a moment (silly b*ggers!).  We were hashing from the Royal Oak - the pub that has burnt down more times than they've changed the beer barrels.  And the peg made a welcome return thanks to Speedy.

Pinhoe - Bull Bait and Child Catcher - 6th March 2016

It was a bit nippy, to say the least, as we circled up at Pinhoe Station Car Park. The Hares had laid a “2 and on” trail for us, with 2 long/short splits. Unfortunately, due to a very localised and heavy overnight shower, the marking of the first split had disappeared and it wasn’t until markings were spotted on the other side of the road, that the pack realised what had happened. We headed under the railway bridge and soon arrived at a Hash Halt near the Pinhoe Bretheren Church which seemed strangely desolate for a Sunday morning.