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Mutter's Moor, Sidmouth - Woodpecker - 29th January 2017

'Twas a wet morning in Sidmouth and Woopecker had been out laying since first thing as to avoid the arriving rain.  By the time the pack arrived, it seemed in for the day, but not yet too heavy.  Woopecker had his flask out - I presume it was coffee or tea, but who knows - it may have been something stronger.  Since he'd decided not to wear his famous unwashed (until recently) shorts, perhaps we were in for a tough trail?

Mamhead Obelisk - 3D and Double D - 22nd January 2017

With some of the regulars away skiing, it was great to see a pack of some 30 up at the Obelisk car park.  And good to see the Boots's back with Sylvie in the push chair. The circle gathered, as it always does, in the most awkward place - in the middle of the road around the car park.  We moved to the side eventually, where a somewhat downbeat 3D gave us the chalk talk.  Apparently the trail laying went a little wrong, and it was on the short side - but it was not necessarily his fault.

Ashclyst Forest - Belltoll - 15th January 2017

For the second week in a row, we had Bull Bait and Child Catcher just in front of us for much of the journey.  Because we weren't sure initially, we wanted some way of knowing their car.  So Speedy and Rocky were thinking about their registration plate, ending in NHF... Nude Hashing Fairies, and Noisy Horrid Farts were the favourites!  And a more leisurely driving experience this week, with BB at the wheel!

Four Firs, Woodbury Common - Strapo and Swampy - 8th January 2017

Second trail of the year, and an excellent turn out up on the Common.  The boys told me off for speeding on the journey to the hash as we tried to catch up with Bullbait and family who we could see ahead. It turns out that Childcatcher was at the wheel - they may well have been speeding because I couldn't make up much ground!

The Bitz's House, Exmouth - Spocky and Belltoll - 1st January 2017

Another year, another hash.  And after New Year's Eve celebrations the night before, the pack were a little quieter than normal.  Our hare and family were up until 3am, and then managed to cook a breakfast for the hashers that stayed over, but it only took him 45 minutes to lay, with the help of Belltoll, who had 'volunteered' to lay the longs apparently.  Damp Patch seemed to have problems running in a straight line as he nearly fell over his own feet within the first 1/2 mile.