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Chudleigh Knighton Hash

Gosh all this amazing technology and it only seems like yesterday that Groucho was sat at his school desk with his quill and parchment. 20 odd hashers turned up for the event from Chudleigh Knighton a new venue for us. It appears that some hashers were suffering a cold or it was too cold? We were joined by a new hasher who had hashed before "sporadically" so a temporary name. Woodpecker also turned up even later and did his own thing around Chudleigh although there were no sightings of him. It was a delightful hash on the heath with the occasional shiggy. Bollards managed to predict the rain to the minute when it did come. It did seem more than 3.5 miles according to my GPS probably because I ended up running around the allotments looking for the trail. Finally Groucho wants to remind you all to let him know if you are going to the Christmas hash and meal. So thanks for the Hash No Butt and Mouthful. Next week from the incinerator Grace Rd South. On On Blobby


Mud washes off, failure doesn't.

Today's hash flash

Great trail from No Butt and Mouthful!  Lots of sabotaged marks, but we made it round the 3.5 mile trail!

Posting news and photos to the Blog, Newsletter and Facebook

Through the magic of modern technology, you can now post your photos, words and general announcements to this site, the newsletter and the Facebook Group in one easy step... simply by emailing ​ Hopefully some kind souls will write some hash words every now and again - you can include photos or images in those emails too! I'm also trying to reduce the amount of duplication between promoting future hashes via facebook and the google calendar - so expect some changes as I experiment in the weeks to come. On On Stix

This blog, the AGM and hash at The Bitz's, Exmouth

I'm no longer going to be writing words to this blog - time to have a rest on a Sunday afternoon!  Sorry. Ideally someone would step up us On Sec or Scribe - so please volunteer!  Else, if anyone wants to send me their words, I'm very happy to upload it. I can even give you an email address so that you can post directly yourself. If no-one can help, then I'll continue to freshen it up every month or so with the diary and a few photos, and I'll continue to post the hash venues to the facebook group. So the AGM saw Groucho reelected as GM, Spocky continue as hash cash, Miss Peaks as Sheriff (albeit she said it was her final year, then  'someone else can have a turn'), and me as Hare Raiser.  Blobby will continue to look after 'Rate the Hash' and the Bullbait family are taking over the Hash Beers. As for the trail, Spocky says it was the 'Best Trail of 2017' (and he needs a new t-shirt).  Thanks to him and X-bitz for cooking some pizza and c

Wonford Sports Centre - Happy Snapper - 5th November 2017

Today’s trail started from a deserted Wonford Sports Centre car park.  A depleted pack (probably suffering the after effects of the Autumn Gathering) assembled, on time for once, for Happy Snapper’s virgin lay. There were very specific instructions given about the placing of the marks.  We needed to follow the marks on the right-hand side, although we may also find some on the left, in which case they weren’t relevant until we were going in the other direction.  It was a three and on trail. Firstly, we headed out into Ludwell Valley Park, up and down and around fields.  It was slippery in places and I saw Blobby fall over, although I forgot to tell the sheriff and he got away without a fine!  The second half of the trail took us across Topsham Road, towards the crematorium before taking a detour into the trees for a sweetie stop. Next, we headed towards and over the river (thankfully by the bridge, although I have known hashes go through it in the past).  There was some confusio