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23rd November - Odd Bitz + Fruity Bitz - Warren CP, Woodbury Common

Once again, a great turnout of hashers on this sunny, if not windy and freezing morning. A slight change of hare, just to keep us on our toes, not Tampa as expected but Odd Bitz who assures us he was ably assisted by Fruity Bitz who was nowhere to be seen. Maybe the trail flummoxed her as it did us as she is still out there somewhere........! Yes, we got off to a roaring start and all wandered around looking gormless for a fair while. Where's Radiohead and Spocky when you need them to check every single route while we wait around?! Eventually, the trail was found the other side of the main road. I think he's trying to conduct a 'hash cull', survival of the fittest, if you can't get across the road safely, you can't hash with us?! Anyway, we all made it only to set off on the wrong trail and found a back check. On eventually finding the correct trail we ended up in what looked like someones garden! With tennis courts, a lake with a lovely bench, hopefully they d

16th November - Emerald + Geronimo - Four Firs

Spectacular turn out for the hash today with well over 20 people as well as lots of dogs and children. Emerald and Geronimo reappeared just on time to provide hash instructions. We were told it was one and on, fish hooks were 5 if no number could be seen. Yes, these were our clear instructions, though it transpired we had a fair amount of deaf hashers in our midst!! On On we went out of the car park and quickly to the first check. Tuned In got lucky, (not like that!!!), and for the next 3 checks was way out in front. Well with Radiohead AWOL she had to do her bit! It's ok though, it didn't last! It was then Odd Bitz' turn to shout On On at the top of his lungs only for no-one to hear him. We then encountered our first shiggy, down a narrow path that was VERY boggy. Luckily, the path emerged at the marines 'dunking pools' so we were able to wash our shoes there. On up to another check where Tuned In spotted Spocky with Itsy and cunningly thought 'aha, I bet it&#

9th November - Bullers Hill CP - Groucho + Twin Peaks

We had 20 'biting at the bit' hashers today, two guests in the shape of Poacher and Rambo. Poacher arrived and prompty started offering cabbages to everyone, perhaps he was trying to tell us something? Woodpecker made an appearance, said hi, to which the circle said hi and then he left. Get well soon Mr Woodpecker. Three women hashers of the new variety also appeared, which made me then think of that famous line from Radiohead "this hash is growing", he could be right. The pack did not get off to the best start as Tampa decided to park his car over the first check which was of course noted by the Sheriff, he doesn't miss much our Sheriff ! Once the check was spotted, the pack just seem to loiter then for some unknown reason proceeded to act like sheep after one blob had been spotted. This state of affairs went on for a good five minutes until the hares, in the shape of Twin Peaks and Groucho, rescued the rabble and sent them on their way. What a shower ! Soon, i

2nd November - Trenchford Reservoir - Bridgwater H3

A very amusing start to the days hash was Groucho approaching a large group of walkers, presumably checking we were in the right place, wearing what looked like halloween fancy dress! Otherwise described as a very dodgy pair of green tights/leggings. I wonder if he was trying to re-create the 'hash hottie' look sported by Stat Nav on the hash weekend? Unfortunately, I don't think his thighs created the same thoughts amongst the laydees! It was bitterly cold but a few hardcore C of E hashers turned out for the joint hash along with lots of Bridgwater hash. We set off around the reservoir straight into some shiggy and there was a fair amount of sliding going on. Radiohead was out in front as usual, doing a lot of checking, unfortunately this meant no time to rest for the rest of us as the trail had been called before we even got there. Luckily with quite a few back checks the rest of us were in with a fighting chance. It was quite a long trail for us C of E as it was 3 miles