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27th September - Lympstone Village CP - Stat Nav + Radiohead

Despite the road closed signs that were there just to try and confuse everyone, there was a great turnout in the village car park. We also managed to prove throughout the hash that City Of Exeter H3 is continually growing! As we gained 4 hashers en route! The hash was treated to no less than 3 hares today, Stat Nav, Radiohead and guest appearance from Mudflap, all the way from Bedford. Though as we circled up Radiohead kept disappearing ....or did he just keep turning sideways?? After lots of loitering by mostly the female contingent, on on was eventually called and the pack headed off into the centre of the village, past the harbour and up into Cliff field. Then onwards past some very bemused children in the play park and down past the church where there was a sneaky fish hook at the bottom of the hill, even poor old Groucho got stuck with this one. Here was a hash halt where Tuned In, X Bitz and Itsy Bitz were waiting. It was here that Cathusalem spotted the walkers and managed to p

20th September - Core Copse, East Hill Strips - Dr Jekyll + Mr Hyde

So it was a good show for Dr Jekylls hash, we circled up minus Groucho and Blobhoblin the rumour being they were having a weekend away together, how sweet. Anyway the hare gave us our instructions with the promise of no wet feet or hills. Obviously the hare is a Dr AND a Dr so we all believed her !!! How wrong can a group of hashers be? Off we set through woodland, with the sheriff taking notes along the way in his little book, Fruity Bitz was seen to come out of the bushes from a pee pee stop, which would later come back and bite her on the bum (so to speak). A false trail meant that half the hash ended up going through very very smelly mud/sludge that was calf height. When the right path was called, it was a lovely flat and grassy area to run through for those that werent bogged down by muddy shoes. This was the point that Fruity Bitz realised her mistake in going for pee pee, as she had dropped her mobile phone. Oops !! So she had to go back and try and find it, and the very kind B


Due to a late cancellation there is one spot left on the Autumn Gathering weekend. Does anyone know of anyone who wants to come but missed out? Or do you know of anyone mad enough to be talked into coming?? Contact me or Groucho asap.

13 September 09 - Woodbury Castle - Tampa

The Hare was noteably absent when the GM called the circle. Even on his own hash Tampa couldnt make the circle on time. Despite the presence of the deputy sheriff and Double D sheriff, there was still some confusion appointing a sheriff? (How does that work?) Anyway, it was Stat-Nav. It was on-on to an immediate long-short split. The commentary from here on will really only be about the long as Chesty and Stat-Nav both took it and are writing this blog... and wasn't it a long long! Now, I know I am seen as a fit girl after running the 10k (did I mention I did this with a broken toe!!), but this was extreme for a Sunday morning hash. The FRB's clocked up 4 miles before the sweetie stop and even the faithful back runners clocked up 3 miles. It was downhill all the way until a check at the bottom of the hill where logic would tell you we would turn left to meet the shorts. Of course we immediately realised our mistake - why would you use logic on a Tampa hash? So off we

6th September - Stowford Cross - Radiohead

Upon reaching only two hashers were on view, Tuned-In and Ring Piece who may well have been talking babies, of course this is only a guess on my part. Who am I you may well be asking, its Groucho of course ! Within the next ten minutes 27 hashers had appeared, oh plus one in the shape of Woodpecker, who always arrives at British Woodpecker Time (10 after the real time). Our guest hare was Radiohead, I say guest due to his absence on many occasions this year, we all missed him you know! (You might of! -ED) Anyway he gave out the usual info and off we went. It wasn't long before you could hear the sounds of "are you", the hare had in his own cunning way sent us the wrong way, off the scent so to speak. Finally an on-on could be heard, in this case on to the muck and the mire, leaping over ditches and streams as we meandered off piste in dense woodland. Howling Wilf was the first of several members of the pack to end up knee high in best quality Devon mud, a sight to behold

30th August - Squabmoor Reservoir CP - Chip Shop + Pony Wire

Two lonely hares were sat in their car when I arrived at today's venue, not noticing them straight away it did cross my mind that I may have come to the wrong place. Then slowing the hares revealed themselves as the windows of their car dropped down,there they were to rather sleepy hares in the shape of Pony Wire and Slipshod.Soon the car park became a hive of activity with hashers leaping out of their cars, this was greeted with a great deal of relief by the hares.Horny Woman came charging into the car park only to hear a very loud thud as her car passed over a high tree stump.We all grasped but Horny Woman did not appear to be concerned. Then we noticed a stranger in our mist it was the original sheriff in the shape of Oddbitzthis meant only one thing all lawless behaviour would have to cease, for those who are not aware our sheriff is a very,very hard man who takes no hash messing. The hares did their usual bit in the circle then invited us to "check it out". At this