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Feniton Village Hall Car Park - 22nd August

It is always nice when the Hash goes somewhere different and so the pressure was on our Hares for the day, Slip Shod (aka Chip Shop) and Pony Wire. They also advised us that there was food on offer once we finished back at the family home and also introduced us to someone called Up Yours....anyone remember her? (That just leaves Radiohead and Chad still missing in action!!). Anyway, Up Yours clearly had not been hashing for awhile as she proceeded to give the deputy sheriff 3 or 4 feeble excuses for not hashing for so long and promptly earnt the first 10p fine of the day. Just before we got started there was time for a quick the interests of Health & Safety may I take this opportunity to remind any Hariets that if they intend to squat...preferably avoid doing it over neetles!! Hope you've recovered Tit-Bitz!! And we were off....confusion at the start and both directions encountered crosses. However it wasn't long before our returning hasher 'Up Yours' fo

15th August - Lympstone The Inflatable Hash - FF + PP

Our hares today were FF and PP - a good turnout for the annual inflatable hash, with everyone donning a mixed array of inflatables, from a birthing ball to a giant dolphin. Isoceles had a doctors note excusing him from getting wet and Marlene clained ignorance as her excuse for lack of air filled apparatus. On On over the foot bridge through Lympstone with many a sunday villager giving us a double take as a bunch of people go jogging past wearing rubber rings and arm bands. We stumbled upon a small stream ....... was this it ???? was this the water we had prepared for ???? apparently not we were told by our hares. However we jogged on to the sweetie stop with lots of lovely new fruity sweets to be enjoyed. There was a long short split with the longs leaving their inflatables in the safe hands of the shorts to carry for them. Horny woman was first to check it out .... (miracles do happen!!) but in her excitiment her inflatable kangaroo named Skippy was snagged on some prickly bush

Feniton Hash

Just a note from the hare to say that the location is the village hall car park but as this isn't signed, it is next to Feniton Post Office and opposite the church. See you all there, on on

8th August - Stoke Woods Upper CP - Twin Peaks + Bag Lady

Nearly didn't make it to the hash myself this week, underestimating how long it would take, and then going to the wrong car park at the bottom of the hill. I wasn't the only one to do that either! Chip Shop arrived to cheers and claps as he had cycled and it was a very big hill to climb. The hares gave some instructions which no-one listened to then we were checking it out. The on was called down the road and up into a field, the walkers taking a short cut down the road to be met up with later on. Can't remember much about this bit, but I know we came out in the woods and crawled around the undergrowth for some considerable time. Unfortunately, we distrubed a nest of bees or wasps or whatever, which were not very happy at us invading their space. They showed their displeasure by stinging about 7 of us unsuspecting hashers. A very nasty sting it was too - mine took over a week to stop burning and itching and that was only on my ankle. Others were stung in more hard

1st August - Wheathill Plantation - Groucho + Blobhoblin

Well, it's not often the blog is longer than the actual hash.....but this week it was a first! - ED A short blog report this week due in part to the large number of hashers, over eighty+ turned up for a combined hash with Isca HHH. All was quite still as we chatted in the car park only to have our silence broken by the arrival of Hat Rack plus his coach loaded with hashers, what a sight as they stepped down from the coach. To put it mildly, most of them looked very much the worse for wear due to the day and night before. Blobhoblin and Groucho laid the trail but due to the numbers split the pack into two groups going in opposite directions where they meet would by the sweet stop. Both groups set off at a more than leisurely pace, hangovers being the main problem for some of these non functioning hashers. Poacher was the one major exception to the rule, that boy must drink rocket fuel, whilst Buzby was in desperate need of the same. Woodpecker was impeccable and arriving on time, w

Well done Stat Nav!

For those of you that don't know, Stat Nav and Radiohead recently took part in the Lakeland 50. One of Radioheads fabulous ideas of 'ways to kill Stat Nav'. However, Stat Nav rose to the challenge and despite walking in a very peculiar manner and chafing bits of himself he didn't even know he had, he finished in one piece. Well done to both of them, x

25th July - Warren CP - Tampa

There he was standing awaiting the arrival of any hashers, in fact he did very well, 32 hashers decided to turn up for a "Tampa Hash". There were of course several late comers such as Fruitybitz and Woodpecker, I'm sure that he,Woodpecker, is in a different time zone. Anyway we had several new hashers in the pack today what they made of the rest of us god only knows, they got involved which was the main thing.The start was a little cofusing as just as we were about to set off Dr Jeykll asked if anyone had a mobile phone, which is of course a fineable offence, but she then explained that she had left the dog behind even though she had managed to arrive with her family.The confusing bit was that she wanted to ring her house, the pack were indeed then eager to know how she managed to train the dog to answer the phone. She given a phone only to find the line was engaged,perhaps her very bright dog had put the phone on paws. Finally we were away at a check in the car park on