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Pynes Hill, Exeter - Blobhoblin

A lot of up and down hills, fish hooks and regroups on today's trail. Excellent views of some parts of "secret" Exeter, and the first proper warm, sunny hash of the year. We were joined by a That's Crap, She's Ready. Come2Night, and others from Plympton, who'd been staying in Dawlish over the weekend. Spocky managed to go to the Exeter Arms, but that was a venue changed a few weeks ago due to it being a busy (Mothers Day) for the pub. Apparently it wasn't busy at 10.45! There was a "mother's only" bridge crossing; the remainder had to go across the stream. Up and down, up and down - bloody hills - and a fish hook at the top (or bottom) of every one! An hour-and-a-half (and 4 miles) later, Twin Peaks dished out a sack-full of fines; lots of nerd naming, sitting and lying down on the hash! Add caption Add caption View Hash Pynes Hill in a larger map

The Imperial, Exeter - Groucho and Twin Peaks

A big turn out for our first Sunday lunch hash at the Imperial.  Groucho was the hare, with Miss Peaks as his glamorous assistant.  Miss Peaks decided that fish hooks were going to be 10... yes 10!  Woodpecker was late, but then he brought me some home brew cider and ale, so that lets him off (thanks Woodpecker - I'll return the favour when mine is ready).  We set off across the zebra crossing, to the park, and making our way up through the houses towards Prince of Wales Road.  We thought we had lost Woodpecker, but he appeared eventually, so we'll have to try harder next time.  Then up through the university grounds of "No Hope" Hall, passed where Bollards and I used to live, across some stepping stones and to the sweetie stop in a beautiful location by the stream.  We continue across the campus, but lost Groucho and his SCBs - technology had to be used in order to find out where he was.  But we continued onwards, via a long short split (where the long - across the v

Warren Car Park, Woodbury Common - Tampa

A beautifully sunny morning enhanced the views across Woodbury Common.  The trail took us out of the congested car park (not all Hashers) and down towards the woods where there was a long short split.  At the end of the long loop was "RJS".  We briefly pondered as to what this may be; Re Joice, Sweets! Re-Juvination Stop, or perhaps Re Join Short which proved to be the case.  We were shortly up to our knees in bog, then treated to a steep incline to the Sweetie Stop. There were plenty of fish-hooks on the trail.  Tampa had suggested 5 to go back, but the number seemed to vary wildly until at one point it seemed that the entire pack had back-tracked.  Hole-in-one and I, Bollards, had fun pretending to have shoe-lace issues, although in her case it was more often that not true, and of course, I was required for balance as she stood on one leg to attend to errant elasticated laces.  Suffice to say, we managed to avoid all but the last fish-hook employing this tactic. PP secret

Milbury Reach, Exminster - Bollards, Stix and Speedy

A small, select gathering this week as the athletes and stupid were doing the Grizzly. The children were in charge for one week only! The sun shone for us on the warmest day of 2014. A 3 mile jaunt around the village followed the chalk-talk from Speedy. It was a "leisurely" pace, including two regroups at playgrounds, with sweetie top at each. The trail was mainly on paths and roads, but there was some shiggy at the end as we crossed the village meadow. We enjoyed garlic bread and pizza at the end, thanks to Bollards, sitting outside the front of the Stix's house in the sun. There was homebrew for the grown ups too. Julie was christened "Double-D", as were daughters "Chipmunk" and "Runner Bean" Sweetie Stop number 1 at Deepway Green The Hash Horrors and Sweetie Stop number two. View Larger Map

Diary Update

Anyone coming to the Stix's trail next week in Exminster(9th March, see map ), please park on the road or car park near the entrance to Milbury Reach. Then walk down the grassy area between the houses, to find us at number 54 (on the left). Hares are required for 27th April, and most dates in May and June. Don't forget our first Sunday Lunch hash is at the Imperial, Exeter on 23rd March, where all members will get a subsidised meal. This Sunday lunch hash was planned to take place on the 30th - but its Mothering Sunday! Hence the venue has changed on the 30th - now at Pynes Hill, Exeter.

Squabmoor Reservoir Car Park, Woodpecker

Speedy has written the blog this week! "A great hash laid by Woodpecker, even though there was a few whinges from Rocky. First of all we went across a river. It was not a very wide river, but it was deep and shiggy, but we all managed to get across. We carried on and we came to a field. One of the hashers went through the wrong gate and luckily the deputy sheriff was there and she got fined. Finally we came to the sweetie stop which was not the end. We had lots of sweets and the sweets were quite good; I liked them. After that we were quite tired, but the good thing was there was not much shiggy bits, just a few brambles. Finally, we got back and we had the circle. Rocky whinged because he got a fine for falling over and there was a long down down for a new hasher." Sweeties at the regroup Newly-named "Wobbly-bitz" enjoying her down-down 2.93 miles. View the trail in a larger map