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Hash Haberdashery

The following items can be purchased by sending your order to Groucho together with either a cheque made payable to CITY OF EXETER HHH or cash. No order can be taken unless payment is made up front. Price of Clothing T Shirt Adult code Ss10. £11.00 T Shirt Child code Ss68. £7.00 Polo Shirt Adult.Code Ss27. £13.80 Polo Shirt Child code Ss11b. £10.00 Sweatshirt Adult Code Ss9. £14.50 Sweatshirt Child Code Ss8b. £11.50 Hoodie Adult Code Ss14. £16.95 Hoodie Child Code Ss14b. £11.95 Zip Hoodie Adult £18.95 Zip Hoodie Child. £15.95 The above prices are inclusive of hash embroidered logo + individual name underneath + VAT(adults only) For printed name on back add extra £3.00 For any more info contact Groucho

Dawlish - Double D - 30th August 2015

The last Sunday of the m eteorological  Summer, and it was a wet one.  Its started off raining, and just got heavier.  We  welcomed  some  visitors, Miss Obedience and Stile Guru from Cambridge, on their way back home.   

This week's trail

Don't forget to bring change for the car park for this week's trail at Dawlish Warren!


Over the last couple of months its become really difficult to find hares.  Maybe its just because we're missing Tampa's trails! Please can everyone try to lay a couple of trails per year. I'm now booking up for October 4th, 11th and 25th Thanks, and On On Stix

The Maer, Exmouth - Spockybitz - 16th August 2015

The traffic queues into Exmouth were tailing back by more than a mile, so the Stix family were a little late.  We were even later than Woodpecker!  There seemed to be few cars at the car park, especially as it was Maer Road Car Park, and the hash was starting from The Maer! But we didn't worry because we had a cunning plan.  We'd spotted a check at the top of Maer Road, and since we were so late, we decided to head straight there.  It hadn't been kicked out, so we back-tracked the trail, and planned that when we met the pack coming the other way, we'd subtly switch direction.  

Hares Required

Hole-in-1 is looking for someone to lay the trail that she was haring on 23rd August at Dawlish Warren.  Please help if you can! Also, I'm looking for hares for 6th, 13th and 20th September.

Jubilee Club, Pinhoe - Twin Peaks - 2nd August 2015

A slightly depleted hash, due to Birthdays, holidays and people just not bothering to come, met at the Jubilee Club car park; a rather sharp turn off the road to Pinhoe.

Brampford Speke - Swinger - 26th July

Upon reaching Blobhoblin and I noticed a rather wet looking hare, Swinger,who had been out in the environment for some three hours. In total the pack consisted of 15 hashers, going up to 16 when Mad Max caught up with us some 20 minutes late. There were no long/short splits today due in part to climatic conditions, puddles and mud being the theme, also some of the trail was like following pancakes. Our hare remained up beat and should be commended for her efforts.