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The Obelisk, Mamhead - King Louis and Coat Check - 25th October 2015

We circled up at a just past 11 O'clock (GMT) although the Bitz's could have been there an hour earlier, and somewhat ironically, Spring Forward and Fall Back were latecomers, alongside the usual suspects.  After about 10 breaks in the circle as we'd chosen to stand on the main thoroughfare out of the car park, we eventually got going, with both the longs and shorts heading towards the viewpoint.

Autumn Gathering - Charterhouse and Cheddar - 16th, 17th and 18th October 2015

Another great Autumn Gathering!  Friday night started with sharing out the food that everyone had brought, and getting stuck into the barrel of Branoc.  Boots repeated his Quiz Master role, with his bingo quiz (or is it quiz bingo)?  The kids were haring up and down the corridors, but they all seemed in bed by about 10.  Then the disco continued until the midnight hour, and Spocky managed to scare Bollards with his dancing!  The barrel was emptied, and Spocky was then pusuaded to tap the next one by Belltoll, "What could possibly go wrong?" he told him.  Fu Manchu didn't have a good night either.  His elite drinking club was responsible for falling over the dog in Sore Point's room, and getting bitten.  Then he fell asleep in the chair back in the hall (and scared Titbitz when she got a drink in the night).

Ellerhayes Bridge - Hole-in-1 and Bluto - 11th October 2015

It was the morning after for some of us... Hole-in-1 had been celebrating Swampy's birthday last night.  Strapo seemed especially worse for wear - and he's in charge of cooking breakfasts next week on the Autumn Gathering.  Good luck with that!

Otterton - Swinger - 4th October 2015

Almost everyone got stuck behind slow moving traffic - so it was quite a late on-off.  Tampa was last to arrive at about 11.10.  The weather had turned really autumnal.  Leaves on the ground, cloudy and windy - especially windy at the Sweetie Stop on the beach.  It wasn't like that yesterday when Swinger laid a similar trail for A2B H3.