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Dalditch Farm - Lilo - 29th November 2015

For once, most people had arrived early at Dalditch Farm.  It was hard to find somewhere to park without opening your car door over a large muddy puddle, therefore making it difficult to get out of the car, but a reasonably large number of hashers managed and circled up to hear the chalk talk.  Lilo and co-hare Jamie assured us it was a short trail, and encouraged everyone to do the longs apart from the walkers. Off we went up the hill, with the longs bearing right to a ha ha while the shorts went left to get ahead.  Holeinone did a spectacular wipe-out and had some minor abrasions to show for it.  The trail continued through some woods eventually arriving at a regroup where the naming of Inner Ting Tong was discussed, amongst other things.  We skirted around the edge of the woods, parallel to the road before crossing it and finding a long/short split.  The longs headed through some sort of camp with ribbons in trees before rejoining the main path and arriving at the Sweetie Stop.

Xmas Meal

Don't forget to book yourself onto the Christmas Meal... Final numbers are required by December 7th. See

Christmas Hash

This year we're returning to the Red Lion at Broadclyst for our special Christmas Hash, hared by Groucho, on Sunday 20th December.   Xmas Fancy Dress is compulsory! ONLINE BOOKING AND PAYMENT AVAILABLE Hash funds will be subsidising the event for members, including a free drink and reduced price on the meals. Please make a meal choice from the following Roast Beef (Gluten Free option available) (Small/Child option available) Roast Pork (Gluten Free option available) (Small/Child option available) Roast Chicken Breast (Gluten Free option available) (Small/Child option available) Butterbean, Squash, Sweet Corn & Thyme Casserole (Gluten Free) (Small/Child option available) Toasted Hazelnut and Walnut Roast  Standard (adult) size meals are £6, Small/Child size options are £4.  Non members, £10 and £6. Please use the form  to pay by credit card or debit card (Note a small fee is added to cover transaction costs. Non members will need to pay the balance at a l

Tampa - Waren Car Park - 22 November 2015

There was the usual car jigsaw before the Hash as everyone tried to work out whether cars belonged to hashers or not and whether it was appropriate to block them in.  I think we were all expecting it to be colder than it was, the sunshine certainly made a difference.  Three newcomers made themselves known in the circle: Blake from Bovey Tracey, who had been brought along by Top Off; English Muffin (and family) who were not new to hashing, but hadn’t run with City of Exeter before; and Robin who had come on his own.  It was also good to see Woodpecker back, although his BMW seemed to be squeaking more than ever. The trail left the car park at the top end.   A long/short split with a backcheck had the longs tired and confused for a while, but before we knew it we were at the sweetie stop.   There were many comments of “sweetie stop already” etc, then Fancy Liquor and Armless arrived (late).  Unfortunately the shorts had been sent the wrong way and never made it to the sweetie stop. B

Children in Need donation

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No Butt and Mouthful - Bovey Tracey - 15th November 2015

First up, an apology... my phone managed to garble the hash flash.  Probably something to do with trying to get my head in a heart.  Next week, I'll keep it simple. The hares had been laying since 8am, and promised us a 5 mile trail for the longs.  It worked out a bit longer than that - I clocked up 5.9 miles.

City of Exeter Hash Awards

Hi calling all you lucky lucky hash award winners for 2014. Time to take down that much coveted trophy from the mantelpiece that you have diligently polished every day, and proudly shown all your family, friends, neighbours, postman etc etc Please bring along your trophy to the next hash ( by Dec 6 th at the latest) so that we can get engraved, and you never know you, yes you may win it again.  Please pass to Groucho or myself. Onon Blobhoblin  

Exmouth AGM - Spockybitz - 8th Nov 2015

Very good behaviour noted at the start of this with Tampa on parade forming a very respectful circle in preparation for one minutes silence, remembering the fallen from war. Once the minute was up our hare Itsybitz and Spockybitz gave the pack the usual info about the trail then it was off into the environs of deepest darkest Exmouth. We explored many alleyways as we meandered around this semi urban as well as areas of parkland, very pleasant. I can report we didn't see the sea on this occasion. The route involved many long short splits not to mention fish hooks. We enjoyed a variety of sweets at the usual sweetie stop, could it be the hare had one eye on the Hare Of The Year Award. He even invited the pack to follow a nice young lady who happened to walk by as we left the sweet stop. Was she a decoy! I can report that we all followed the said young lady for about 50 metres before being encouraged to go off in a different direction, Tampa did go AWOL for a few seconds but soon retu

Ashclyst Forest - Damp Patch - 1st November 2015

It was always going to be a muddy one.  But at least it wasn't raining.  It was a fantastic trail, looping around the autumnal forest in a way that confused the most prominent of hashers.  We also welcomed Bluto's two daughters who were in for a muddy surprise! The mud was most appreciated by the fallers, that included Hole in One.  Plus Fallen Boobies and Dropped Balls decided to enjoy a few belly slides!  It was a long trail for a forest hash - getting close to 6 miles for those on the longs!  But there was plenty of thought for the walkers and those less in need of a workout, with a short jaunt to the sweetie stop.  Of course, the mud is famous in those parts for being like clay, staining skin and clothes badly, and the made building material for the local town of Honiton.  Or a least that was the story we told to FB and DB at the sweetie stop!  Who says the youth of today are gullible! Don't forget to  rate the hash  and order your  hash haberdash  before the middle of