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Newton St Cyres golf course - Groucho and Twin Peaks - 25th July 2017

Hares required for 3rd, 17th and 24th September Memories of today’s trail consist of rape, bicycles and gossip (by Bollards). There was a huge contrast in the weather from last week with hashers wondering whether or not to wear their jackets on trail as it was drizzling when we arrived at Newton St Cyres Golf Club. Groucho, assisted by Twin Peaks, had laid a 3 and on trail and we were warned at the outset to mind the triffids. Apparently, Groucho had nearly lost Twin Peaks during the laying, although he could still hear her. After a long/short split and a hash halt which didn’t look anything like a hash halt, the pack came together and wound their way into a rape field. We could have done with scythes to hack our way along the public footpath and progress was slow. Paperwork was getting very agitated that he couldn’t get a move on, while the rest of the pack gossiped. Various hashers claimed to have hay-fever, many were stung by the nettles, but we bravely soldiered on and even

Exminster - Bollards and Speedy - 24th June 2017

HARE REQUIRED FOR 6TH AUGUST! It was too hot to hash. Luckily, I’d managed to lay the trail the previous evening, otherwise I’d never have made it around twice. The first half of the trail was mainly uphill for the shorts and uphill and downhill and uphill again for the longs (of which there weren’t many). After the regroup, it was uphill for everybody, before a level bit and then a sweetie stop. The final third of the trail was downhill, before levelling off along the main road back to Exminster. There were few runners by this point. Apathy reigned. We had a BBQ on the field. About an hour after getting back we had some food, which was surprising as Stix had stayed behind to get everything ready. Stix did a good job of not burning the food. Hopefully, no-one got sunburned either. Please don't forget to  Rate the Hash Coming up... 25th June: Newton St Cyres Golf Course (picnic) - Groucho ( map ) 2nd July: Castle Car Park, Woodbury Common (Estuary View / West side

Lympstone - Spockbitz - 11th June 2017

HARE REQUIRED FOR 6TH AUGUST Today's hash was laid by Spocky. We expected it to be a  long trail and we were not wrong.  We first came to a bridge however Spocky had laid a false trail and we all went the wrong way.  We soon then regrouped as the kissing gate was locked so we all had to climb over it.  We met our first long short split. We went down a small narrow path and found a back check and because we are all like sheep, apart from me obviously.  We nearly decided to go back until we found the trail was actually taking us back to the trail. #hashersaresheep .  Suddenly out of nowhere Twin Peaks dropped her fining book. The trail continued and very evilly we went though continuous meadows of wheat, the farmers did not like that. #Terisa May is not geting presents from Santa this year .  And fortunately for bull bate there were no cows. We eventually we came to the sweet stop where there were only 4 bags of sweets. #weneedmoresweets . I then made a bad mistake - I checked the s

Ide - Blobhoblin, Spongeblob and Twin Peaks - 4th June 2017

HARE REQUIRED for 6th August For the second week in a row we held a minute’s silence in the opening circle, remembering the victims of the London Bridge terror attack. Normal proceedings followed (in the rain) with Freezeframe and family welcomed back after a very long absence and an introduction to Spongeblob’s mum. The hares had laid a three-and-on trail, requiring five to return for a fish-hook.  Although eager to get started, the pack dawdled out of the car park to the first check and it took quite some time to find the trail that went up a stream and under the A30. It was a very dark and low tunnel with the added complication of a stream, so you could not gauge where you were putting your feet. Luckily, no-one mentioned rats. It took a while for everyone to get through and then a while longer to negotiate the slippery pipes serving as a ladder to take us back up to the road. Those with dogs had an especially hard time and I think Woodpecker had to turn back to the dry rou