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Exmouth New Years Eve 2017

We gathered at Spocky's for the last hash of 2017. The weather was dry at the circle but ominous dark clouds had gathered by the time we set off. The trail got off to a lightening fast start, partly due to the excellent "assistance" of Spocky's co-hare (Son of the Bitz) but we didn't mind and before long we found ourselves water side at the estuary and the only long/short split. The longs went on an epic trip along the estuary, while being pelted with rain from said ominous dark clouds, nicely soaking us but only on our left hand sides. The trail then did a complete 180 degree turn back along the cycle path this time, allowing the rain to even its soaking and leading us up the fields to the sweetie stop. The shorts had been there shivering for some time so had moved on by the time we made it. We moved on after a few sweets not wanting to get cold, not realising that Blobby had missed the long short split and had unintentionally done the long and so was so

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Exmouth - Spocky, Son and Itzy - 31 Dec 2017

A couple of photos from today's New Year's Eve trail. Please send your words to Next week we're at The Obelisk - see  And don't forget to Rate the Hash:

Double Locks Hash

Great Hash on Sunday definitely over Stix 4 miles though. Managed to miss the sweetie stop ( again ). Found all the false trails and generally seemed to be on my own. At least found the mulled wine stop. Also seemed to be planning ahead with Wide Receiver hare of the year's T shirt with 2018 year! Never mind can only get better. Finally hope everybody has a good New Year Eve. Don't forget to rate the hash. On On Blobby

Double Locks Christmas Eve 2017

We arrived a little earlier in order to safely negotiate the very narrow bridge to the pub. A good turnout of hashers joined us at the car park including some hash virgins in the form of Groucho and Beanbags' son and grandchildren and the newest addition to the Blobby clan, little Evie, who we have unofficially named Christmas Evie. The trail was a fast run parallel to the river and up to Bridge road where I ran a false trail that seemed to take me almost to Exminster. The actual trail took the longs through to King George V playing fields where everyone spread out and no one found the trail until the hare pointed us in the right direction. At the sweetie stop it became clear a number of hashers had had a rethink and cut the trail short, which caused some confusion as we weren't sure who had remained. Cue Bollards going to look for Blobby (who we thought we'd lost but hadn't). Then it was on back towards the river and a pit stop for mulled wine and minced pies befor

Double locks on Christmas Eve

I hope you all enjoyed the trail today, and my new warming cool box! Remember to Rate the Hash  http://cityofexeterhhh. html (but I guess we know who the Hare of the Year will be!). Great to see 3D and Double D back, and also to see Mildly Moist from Isca. Please send your comments and photos to , and they will magically appear here! On on to Joneys Cross on Boxing Day and Spockys house for Australian New Year next Sunday. On on and happy Christmas Stix



Christmas party photos


Hare of the Year results

Big Thanks for all of you who have rated the hashes throughout  the year for the ‘Hare of the Year’ Trophy. The results were as following   5 th place              Belltoll with                     74.17% 15/1/17   4 th                        Wide Receiver                 80.83    14/5/17   3 rd                         Strapo/Swampy              81.67    8/1/17   2 nd                         Woodpecker                    84          2/7/17   1 st                         Wide Receiver                 85          27/8/17   There  were some interesting comments and some very long ones. If I can work out how to copy them I will and put them on the blog.   There are still 2 hashes for in 2017,Spockys hash last Sunday and Stix next that you can rate. So if you are one of those hashers who rarely rates the hash now is the time for that New Year Resolution   Thanks to Spocky and Groucho for organising a superb Christmas do   Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and Peaceful New Year   Blobby  

Joney's Cross and Cat and Fiddle - Xmas Hash 2017

Please email your photos and comments to Award Winners: Hare of the Year - Wide Receiver Hasher of the Year - Bullbait Henpecker - Child Catcher Bone of Contention - Woodpecker, for getting lost, but didn't Funniest Fine - Childcatcher and Bullbait, for conversations about sucking Junior hasher - Splat Sheriffs Shield - Tight Lips, for nerd naming The Funniest Fine award is missing - last seen after being wrongly inscribed last year! And what happened to "Groucho's 'Its Laid' Trophy" for the most number of trails? Maybe they'll turn up in 2018?! Next week's trail at the Double Locks!

Mincinglake Valley Park, Exeter - STAND-IN HARES Spocky and Child Catcher - 10th December 2017

Thanks to Spocky and Childcatcher for standing in as hares this week. Hope Hole-in-1 gets well soon!

Xmas hash

HHHI ALL, Looks like we will have to do the typical British thing this year and queue for our Chrismas carvery!  Still should be lots of fun with the trail from Joneys Cross and the Cat and Fiddle booked for 1pm ish. Large Cavery £10 Small Carvery £8 Under 12s cheaper again Followed by Awards etc... Oh! and don't forget you will get a free Drink!! On on Spocky

Blobby and Twin Peaks 3/12/17

Sent from my iPhoneGreat hash today from Blobby and Twin Peaks, who doesn't look anywhere near a certain significant birthday! I clocked 4.3 miles on a lovely flat trail along the river interspersed with Spocky attempting to push me in 😀. Spocky took a detour back into the woods at one point to have a wee we think but we weren't sure! Blobby provided his tasty fudge at the sweetie stop which we had on a section of footpath that had been closed to enable a ferry (The spirit of Loch Ness?!) to be lifted onto the water. Then it was back on home, catching half the pack with a series of fishhooks. We ended by singing Happy Birthday to Speedy who delightfully showered everyone with beer! On On CC Sent from my iPhone

Canal path and Jawa Sand Crawler

Sent from Samsung tablet

HARES required

I need hares for 7th, 14th and 28th January please. The early months of the year are ahead difficult to fill, so please volunteer if you are able!  A reminder too: if you want to add a notice to the blog, newsletter or Facebook, just email . Also, if you want to book yourself a trail, you can create an event on our Facebook page. On On,  Stix

3 December 17 - Hash from the incinerator on Marsh Barton - Blobby and Twin Peaks

We were very naughty ignoring the signs!  I wonder if the boat's on its way to Loch Ness yet.