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Kingsteignton - Wide Receiver - 8th December 2019

This week we hashed from Kingsteignton at Tight and Wide's house, laid by Wide.
Only the few elite hashers turned up! 3 On On trail Coffin, Imelda and Tampa were late; Woodpecker was even later - both caught up in the confusuion over closed A380 junctions.   We ran past a new building estate which was to be called Pennes Mound, I thought it was called Penis Mound We ran down to the flood plain and then ran along the train line Rocky Conveniently found that his whoe laces where untied just as we reached a Fishhook, justice prevailed as there was a Fishhook shortly after. Not long to the sweet stop I ran under the train bridge whilst a train went over, to see what would happen, it wasn’t that thrilling Long short split where the longs ran up an embankment before completing a loop and connecting with the shorts. A simple run down the road before we got to the On Home. We ate some party food (including vegan pigs in blankets) and drank mulled wine.  We also sang Happy birthday to Tight…

Hare of the Year 2019 - Finalists

Hare of the Year 2019 - Finalists Woopecker, Wide Receiver, Child Catcher and Puss in Boots all voted hare of the month twice Twin Peaks was voted 4 times! But don't forget Spocky for the Autumn Gathering trail, Howlin' Wilf, Blobby and Tight who also received nominations.
Winner announced during the awards at the Xmas meal.
January: Uphams Plantation - Woodpecker and Howlin' Wilf
February: Alphington - Blobby and Twin Peaks
March: Danes Wood - Child Catcher and Twin Peaks
April: Haldon Belvedere - Wide Receiver
May: Kingsteignton - Wide and Tight
June: Bampton - Boots in Puss
July: Joint winners... Iford - Spocky and Bradninch - Child Catcher and Twin Peaks
August: Four Firs, Woodbury Common - Woodpecker
September: Bampton (again)  - Puss and Boots
October: Charterhouse (Autumn Gathering) - Spocky
November: Mincinglake, Stoke Hill Twin Peaks

Ellerhayes - Bullbait and Childcatcher - 1st December 2019

Run number 963 was laid by Childcatcher and Bullbait from Ellerhayes bridge.
A cold December day3 and onFishhooks were 6We started with a check, where we found the trail going straight up hillWe saw a figure in the distance coming up the hill, it turned out to be Howling Wilf running 10 minutes lateWe ran down past the famous half-built house, which rocky said had been bombed (I don’t know where his ideas come from.)Long short split where the longs did a long loop around some fields before we all regrouped at the sweet stopSome confused members of the public made the mistake of asking the hashers for directions. They asked “, which way is the church from here?” to which Spocky cunningly replied “, you can’t get there from here.”After the sweet stop we continued before another long short splitThere was a cheeky fishhook before the end which sent me all the way back to the Hare, however Stix and Rocky had a cheeky idea convincing Bullbait that enough had already gone back, and idea whic…