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20th December - The Imperial, Exeter - Groucho

I came, I walked and gossiped, I ate a lovely meal and drank a little, in fine company, and then I drove home - now I'm writing the blog. Will that do?? No, I don't suppose it is quite explicit enough, so I'll try again. However, due to the above statement about walking at the back and gossiping, I didn't see an awful lot of what went on. I'll do my best. When I arrived (on time this year, please note) there were very few hashers attempting to stand up in the car par. I say attempting to stand up as it was extremely icy and if one wasn't very careful one could end up on ones bum - couldn't one, Groucho! As time went on more and more brave hashers joined the merry throng and by about 11.15 we were ready to toddle off. Most people had made a fantastic effort in the Christmas costume department - special mentions go to Woodpecker and Blobhoblin for trying to outdo each other in the fairy department, and of course Radio Ga Ga who looked wonderful as a reindeer.

13th December - Venmore Farm, Woodbury - Woodpecker

It was a good turn out for Woodpeckers hash, despite it being a tad "freezing your bits off" morning. Groucho was nursing a rough chest, indeed it was rumoured Beanbag had come along just to administer goose fat to his aforementioned, at regular intervals. Welcome back to Ringpiece, the good news is that she's out now, tagged admittedly, but out none the less, so we should be seeing more of her from now on ! Circle up and instructions given, obviously no long-short splits (woodpeckers pet hash-hate) but there was a breakaway group led by Radio Gaga who is obviously learning to read maps early on. Off we set, up a muddy and slidy hillside, that took its toll on Horny woman straight away - huff and puff she went with Baglady at her side, as her pacer for the duration. The FRB whizzed on and were caught by the first fish hook, then unbelievably Baglady and Horny woman were caught out and sent back after missing the 2nd fish hook ! Tampa called On On through a gate that was d

22nd November - Knowle Woods CP - Sorepoint + Paperwork

Since Stat Nav conveniently forgot to write the blog, and in the interests of continuity, I thought I'd write the blog for my own hash, even though it's about a month out of date! This was a joint extravaganza with Taunton and Exeter - really just a crafty way for Sorepoint and Paperwork to fulfill two obligations in one hit - so there were an awful lot of cars arriving in the woods at Knowle. We managed about 40 hashers from Taunton and a further 15 or so from Exeter, so a rather large crowd gathered, parking cars along the verge, in car parks and trying to avoid the HUGE puddles everywhere. The Taunton RA called everyone to order, then made a sad announcement about the funeral arrangements for our dear hashing friend Barndoor Fanny, who had passed away the previous week. A minutes silence was observed then off we went into the woods. He wouldn't have wanted it any other way. The on was called through the mud and away into the trees. Chesty and Horny Woman were bring


1. Hash Hooligans GM - Groucho Hareraiser - Tampa Treasurer - Spocky-Bitz Sheriff - Odd-Bitz Deputy - Stat Nav Beermeister - Spocky-Bitz 2. Hash Cash World of finance: As of 29/11/2009 hash fund has net balance of £453.20 The decision was made to keep a float of £200.00 for 2009/2010 season, the remaining £253.20 to be used for a social event in 2010. Membership fees for 2010 pegged as they were for 2009. 3. Law and Disorder Sheriff and his monies: Lots of law breakers this year resulting in a total of £57 being collected in fines as of 29/11/2009. It was decided to use this money for bottles of wine/ soft drinks plus after dinner mints (bit posh for hashers innit??? - ED) for as many tables as possible at the Christmas hash meal at The Imperial on Sunday 20th December. 4. Autumn Gathering 2010 It is hoped we will stay at Pixies Holt in 2010, date to be confirmed. There will be a cut off date for members to pay their monies to secure a place/ places before any va

News Update

After a recent debate on the virtues of long/ short splits between the University of Lympstone and Professor Pecker of Exton, on Sunday 13th December at Venmore Farm, Woodpecker will lay a sociable hash without the use of the aforementioned long/ short splits. He has also very kindly offered to have an 'On Down' at his house after the hash where there will be some snacks and use of the birthing pool, no sorry, hot tub. On December 20th The City of Exeter HHH Christmas run will take place from The Imperial, Exeter at 11am, to be followed by the annual awards ceremony. The more the merrier. Christmas fancy dress is actively encouraged.

6th December - Ideford Common - Blobhoblin

After days of rain all looked bright on this Sunday morning. Woodpecker turned up early, Tampa was happy AND early and there was a new hasher in town. 17 hashers joined in the circle welcoming the new hasher Radio Ga Ga with her first hash at just 4 weeks old. She looks more like Chad each day....where is he by the way????? The hare gave us our instructions and off we set. Radiohead off to a good start had to run back to his car as he'd left his keys the ignition!!! Down a muddy trail getting caught in some rough woodland. Flour must be in short supply in Alphington as the dots seemed rather small. Spocky was leading the way with Stat Nav lurking near the back complaining of a cold (man flu). After going up hill and down dale through the woodland we were onto a regroup where we all waited for Radio Ga Ga to catch up. (More like Chad each day) On the pack went, at pace with plenty of puddle splashing (Spocky) and puddle avoiding (Chesty and Horny Woman). Down an incr

29th November - The Maer CP, Exmouth - Oddbitz + Fruity Bitz

What a miserable day weather-wise, yet 12 hashers braved the elements and turned up to suffer the hash trail, or was it trial, laid by Odd Bitz and Fruity Bitz. It was raining as we set off, good start that was, with a strong wind thrown in for good measure. However the hares gave us a good start with some urban running, although it was uphill. After about ten minutes we finally went off road and on to the first of two long short splits, only the hare informed up that the long was the short and vice versa. We, the pack, just nodded well what else can you do??? The short was like walking in a field in which the plant life was in need of water, plenty of water. Within seconds the sound of sodden trainers could be heard as they continually entered this wetland landscape. As we approached a gate over which we had to climb we encountered a sea, yes a sea of brown ankle deep mud, enriched with cow pats, or crap for short. At this point Isosceles ran off in the direction from which we had co